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If you found your way here, most likely you are looking for something genuine, real, and truthful. It could be that you need some positive insight or some good news. Our world is changing all around us and sometimes nothing seems real anymore. How can there be peace when there is so much pain and suffering.

Have you ever questioned humanity’s purpose and what will the future hold for coming generations?  Have you felt neglected, abused, and lonely?  Do you need something good to hold onto?  You are not alone my friend, for many feel the same way and even fear what will happen next. 

In our day of uncertainty, we look for hope, something to hold on to that is stable. We like the truth and not fake news like we see today. We want to know what is real so we can respond appropriately. How should I live in a world where there is no consistency and where moral values are changing to new acceptable norms. As a Christian I ponder upon these issues that we as humans must face every day.

My experience is vast when it comes to the human condition. I have experienced hate crimes, assault, verbal, and physical abuse and have witness what drugs and alcohol does to your body and mind. I have also experience homelessness for a short period of time, being jobless, and having scarcity of food.

I have found my way down at the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle in the 70’s and later as a chapel coordinator through a local church. Sharing my testimony about the Love of God and how it changed my life is something I enjoy doing. Now with COVID-19 virus on the scene, we have seen more changes around the world and it is impacting every human being.

Weekly Bible devotions is a time to read, ponder, and consider how we should live daily in His Love. A key scripture will be presented, explained, and how it may be applied to our daily life. The devotional is meant to encourage and edify each person in their Christian walk. Basic common themes such as bitterness, believing, doubt, and righteousness will be address and more. The principal theme will always point to Christ, for He is our foundation as the scripture states, “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

The purpose of weekly devotions is to grow in His love as a holy temple in the Lord. To know our position in Christ and to put on the armor of light in becoming His workmanship to do good works. To know and understand the fellowship in the mystery of Christ and to continue to walk in faith everyday by the grace of God. To understand the human condition and why we need His love and the forgiveness of sin, for our God always looks at the human heart.

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Galatians 5:16