Thanksgiving is Prayer

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude to God, our Creator and Provider, whose guidance and care go before us, and whose love is with us forever. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the changes, to remember that we, too, grow and change from one season of life to another. Thanksgiving is a time of changing seasons, when leaves turn golden in autumn’s wake and apples are crisp in the first chill breezes of fall. Let us remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving. As we see the beauty of autumn, let us acknowledge the many blessings which are ours, let us think of our families and friends, and let us give thanks in our hearts.

— Author Unknown

The real meaning of Thanksgiving is gratitude, especially to God. During Thanksgiving day say a prayer of thanks to God for all the blessings you have such as a home, food, family, friends, and even for your health. If you can not be with your family on Thanksgiving Day because of COVID-19, say a prayer for them to keep them in His care and to bring healing to their bodies.

Remember He Loves you and He listens to your heart. “He will make a way” sung by Don Moen gives us hope for a new day. May it bless you today.

Author: Inge Schultz

I am a woman who wears many hats. I have taken on many different roles in life, hence the woman who wears many hats. I love to learn new skills to share and enhance the quality of life. Today, I am a Small Business Owner, Musical Artist, Songwriter, Blogger, Crafter, Wife, and Mother. I love to be creative and watch how the process of making something come to fruition. It is like a flower bud that unfolds and blossoms into a beautiful display of form and colors.