We have obtained an Inheritance . . .

In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will.

Ephesians 1:11

We have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to His will. What does it mean to be predestined? The Greek word is “proorizo,” and it means to mark out or determine beforehand. Another word would be foreordained, which is to ordain in advance according to Merriam-Webster. Some may call it fate. The apostle Paul used this word in Ephesians chapter one verses 5 and 11. We should know God’s will and testament as it is written in the Holy Bible. Many people were involved in the translation of the Bible and fate has brought it through many generations. Biblical archaeology has affirmed its historical truth, even though there are those who wish to discredit it. The debate still goes on today because of unbelief and doubt. Let us consider what it would be like not to have the Bible and know the story of man [Adam & Eve] fallen from their own desire to be something else than what God desired them to be, rulers over the earth [see Genesis 1;26].

Man is a law unto themselves. They choose what they desire in their heart to do good or evil. Those who have ruled have not all been good. Friedrich Nietzsche was an influential German philosopher, and it is interesting to note that even he commented on why people do not want to hear the truth because it would destroy their illusions. They do not want to face their own fears or demons in their life. However, the stories written in the Bible are about men who must face the reality of their own fears and or demons in their life. Maybe that is why David exclaimed, “who can understand his errors? Cleanse thou me from secret faults, [see Psalms 19:12]. Do you have any secret faults that need to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus? This is one thing that the Apostle Paul talked about the desires of our own flesh and fulfilling those desires that is in the sons of disobedience [see Ephesians 2:3]. Those desires are not easily given up without divine intervention. The grace of God brings salvation through his Son Jesus Christ and when we confess, he is faithful to forgive us all our sins.

We are acquainted with our own sins and secret faults. If not our own, we know about others that have sin and secret faults. We like to point the finger, but remember what Jesus said to those when they accused the women of adultery, He said, “he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her,” [see John 8:7]. No one is exempt from the all-seeing eye of God. The realization that God is acquainted with all our ways is astounding. My substance was not hidden from God when I was made in secret and there is a book where all my members were written [see Psalms 139]. All my members being formed were written in a book. What book is David talking about in Psalms 139:16? Can it be the Book of Life? Did you know about the books that were opened in Revelation 20:12? When you are wondering about your life and how you have come so far from spiritual death, a light begins to dawn that our future is in the hand of God. Even when we cannot conceive it ourselves, we are given an inheritance that was sealed in a book.

We also have the down payment of our inheritance. When we have believed in the word of truth concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise [see Ephesians 1:13-14]. This seal is a finished transaction of ownership, which brings in the adoption of the believer to the position of a child of God. This is a divine decision of foreknowledge that is mind-boggling to many people especially to new believers. Therefore, as a believer’s one must ask God to open the eyes of our understanding as to what the scriptures are revealing. As a child of God, the believer begins to gain understanding who he or she is in Christ. Paul states in Romans 8:16-17 that the Spirit bears witness that we are the children of God. As the children of God, we have become joint heirs with Christ. We were redeemed from under the law that we might receive the adoption of sons, [Galatians 4:5]. I remember the song that was sang with gusto at the church when I was a young adult titled,” The family of God.” It meant something to me since I was born out of wedlock and then abandoned by my mother as a teen. As a teenager I wanted to belong somewhere. When I got saved, I realized that I belonged to God.

I’m so glad I’m a part

Of the family of God

I’ve been washed in the fountain

Cleansed by His blood

Joint heirs with Jesus

As we travel this sod

For I’m part of the family

The family of God

The Family of God by Bill & Gloria Gaither

I now have a family in God.  Joint heirs with Jesus as I travel this earth. No one can take me from the Love of God. This applies to you too. . .if you are a believer, you are joint heirs with Jesus also [see Romans 8:17]. Do not take this lightly. Think about the book you are written in. God has given everyone a free will to choose life or death. We are called the “sons of God” in 1 John 3:1. There is another song that was sung in the late 70’s and written by Patricia Van Tine. As a teenager I grew up on this simple song of worship. Listen and sing it within your heart. We have obtained an inheritance through Christ, and this is something to rejoice in.