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Is it possible to daily live in God’s love? That is a question for all of us to ponder upon daily. To live in His love is to know him…do you know Him? Is Jesus Christ your Shepherd? Through the studying of the Holy Bible, we renew the spirit of our minds. We learn to rest in His peace and not to live in fear. We learn to put our trust in the Shepherd, who will carry us through the dark times we go through in our life. Weekly devotions in the word of God will help your spiritual growth as a child of God. We are God’s sheep and we listen to His voice. . .will you follow along with us every week to daily live in His Love.

Weekly devotions for your mind and Spirit . . .

“Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd,”

John 10:16

Jesus is the good Shepherd, and the only door for the sheep to go through in order to be saved. A good Shepherd genuinely cares for his flock and is not selfish like a thief who comes to take and destroy your life. The Shepherd lays down his own life for the sheep because he loves the sheep.

A Shepherd tends to the flocks needs by directing them to green pastures to feed and taking them home to a shelter for resting at night. Do you hear the Shepherd calling you? His peace and love can reside in your heart today.  Did you know that Jesus is calling you into His fold?   Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and he has the victory over death. Jesus is willing to bring you into the fold.  Just believe in Jesus as your Shepherd, and place your life within His hands, and follow Him.

We can all learn from each other the importance of having light in our life instead of darkness that brings fear. The light of love, joy, and peace can be illuminating. If one can have a little light, they will go beyond selfish ambitions. Truth is in the quality over quantity, spirit over materialism, right over might. It is all about what image we convey towards others. Is this not one of the lessons in life? Let’s remember to be thankful for the light that shines in a dark place. . .the light of God’s love to the world.

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